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Competence Assurance Management System (CAMS)

What is Competence?

“The ability of every director, manager and worker to recognise the risks in their operational activities and then apply the right measures to control and manage those risks”

– Step Change in Safety (2010)

We know that the consequences of having the wrong person for the job are not worth thinking about. In the oil and gas industry a lack of competence can lead to large-scale incidents with potentially devastating effects.

To satisfy the HSE, employers must have an effective Competence Assurance Management System in place to ensure that risks are minimised.

Atlas has worked with the industry to develop and build an effective electronic system to manage competence and minimise risk. We call it CAMS.

CAMS is a straightforward system that organises all of your staff assessments, training and competence profiles online. An exclusively electronic end-to-end solution, CAMS has the capability to track and audit the competence of employees in a simple and flexible way.

The foundation of a competence-based workforce is built on three key criteria:

  1. Knowledge - underpinning knowledge attained through formal or structured learning.
  2. Skill – gained by experience and through ‘doing’ and structured assessment.
  3. Practice – coaching and on-the-job tasks and mentoring.


CAMS centralises all your documentation to one secure place, making it easier to use. This allows the individual to upload any evidence into the system to support their underpinning, on-the-job and classroom-based learning. CAMS is easy to integrate into existing HR software and you decide who has access. Managers can pull their workforce data and reports; individuals can update their assessment records; and online assessors can check progress remotely, saving you time and money. You can even give access to Regulatory bodies to help with audits. The system filters the data and generates prompts to keep everyone up-to-date and everything on track. CAMS. Keeps you safe. Keeps you working.

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